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Survivorship Resources

Cancer Care & Survivorship Care

With improvements in screening, diagnosis and treatments, cancer has entered into the realm of being classified as a chronic disease. Individuals with cancer are surviving longer than before. At Cancer Care Associates of York, an integrative aspect of our delivery of cancer care includes that of providing cancer survivors with the needed guidance for management of their long-term health and well-being. We are committed to helping patients navigate within what has become their “new norm”.

We provide comprehensive oncology care that is inclusive of survivorship care from time of initial diagnosis, during and after treatment, lengthened survival and long-term physical and emotional symptoms.

Survivorship care and resources at CCAY provides the following:

  • Treatment and follow-up care information
  • Psychosocial care needs
  • Nutritional care
  • Supportive Services inclusive of social reintegration and economical transition
  • Health Promotion Behaviors: exercise, sunscreen use, virus protection, smoking cessation, weight management and alcohol use
  • Recommended cancer screenings, periodic testing and scheduled examinations
  • Education related to possible late and long-term effects of treatment and symptoms of such effects
  • Continuity of care with primary care providers, specialty providers as needed (i.e. cardiac, pulmonary, gastroenterology and women’s and men’s health)

Additionally, you can reference these cancer-related resources: