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Palliative Care

Palliative care is universally recognized as specialized, comprehensive cancer care that focuses on providing relief from the symptoms, stress of a serious illness throughout the illness trajectory; not just at the end-of-life. These programs are helpful at any stage of disease to provide assistance in treating complex symptoms, extra emotional and psycho-social support, and the opportunity to discuss and establish the goals of care.

Palliative care is appropriate for patients of any age and at any stage of illness, and research has shown that healthcare institutions delivering timely, patient-centered palliative care can both improve the patient experience and reduce healthcare costs.

At Cancer Care Associates of York we are committed to providing Palliative Care services to our patients from time of diagnosis and throughout their cancer journey that addresses the following aspects of care:

  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Advanced Directives Education and Counseling
  • Early Assessment and Intervention with Team-Based Approaches to Care
  • Pain Management and Symptom Management
  • Psycho-social Support for patients and their family
  • Community Resources for Palliative Care Services
  • Home Health Services
  • Appropriate conversations and dedicated visits for hospice care if patients have poor prognosis or at the end-of-life
  • Continuity of care within the community and various disciplines