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Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannibis (marijuana)

Medical cannabis (marijuana) since its approval medicinally or recreationally in 29 states including the District of Columbia, has become an important part of palliative and curative management of symptoms in the oncology patient.

Cancer Care Associates of York provides dedicated office visits to the oncology patient for medical marijuana education and certification. These visits are scheduled with an oncologist certified in the process of medical marijuana education and management.

Medical cannabis (marijuana) counseling includes the following:

  • Support of patients’ autonomy and informed decision making
  • Education about the role of medical cannabis (marijuana) as adjunct or primary treatment in the oncology patient for management of disease and/or treatment related side-effects and symptoms.
  • Recommended diagnoses and/or conditions certifiable for use of medical cannabis.
  • Process for certification and state registration.

Additional information regarding medical cannabis (marijuana) can be found at: