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Financial Assistance

We understand that you may be adjusting to new lifestyle changes and we want to be as supportive as possible, which is why we have added an enhanced service to help support you along the way.

In addition to our health care services, we also offer financial guidance, counseling and other resources as needed.

Our Patient Financial Advocate is available to help you with any of the following:

  • Understand your health care coverage and/or out-of-pocket costs associated with your insurance.
  • Review and discuss the estimated total costs of your treatment plan.
  • If you have had a change in insurance coverage, employment status, or financial resources and need additional guidance.
  • If you are uninsured or underinsured and need assistance with insurance coverage enrollment.
  • Apply for any co-pay foundation assistance that may be available for your treatment.
  • Refer you to any community resources to meet your needs.

If you feel that an appointment would be of benefit to you, please contact our Patient Financial Advocate to schedule an appointment. There is no additional charge or obligation to you when making an appointment.

Alice Merritt
Patient Financial Advocate
(717) 741-5275 option 1

In 2019 we assisted over 379 patients in obtaining copay and foundation assistance.  Those patients were awarded more than $2,832,877.80.

We also assisted more than 73 patients obtain free or replacement drug which saved our patients $539,247.87.