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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

At Cancer Care Associates of York, we are fully committed to our patients, the community, and each other. We overcome challenges with dedication and creativity and strive to implement progressive and efficient systems that put the patient in focus and encourage the best possible care. At CCAY, we celebrate both the small and big accomplishments with pride.

In 2020, we saved over $3.5 million for our patients for their oral medications. We implemented the new Dispensary EMR Liberty system to capture an electronic signature and be a 5-point verification check of medications.

A new online payment system was also implemented with P.O.S., making it easier for patients to make payments. We were able to install a new lab machine which has improved our turn-around time considerably.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we continued our effective front door screening to keep staff and patients safe. Therefore, we had no Covid outbreaks within the practice and continued to treat our patients both in person and via Telehealth with the implementation of Doxy.Me.